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3 Reasons You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

A lot of Americans don’t particularly enjoy going to the dentist, but it’s important to realize that avoiding professional care can have big consequences. Around 18.6% of children ages five to 19 have untreated cavities, and without help from a dentist, problems like these can quickly spin out of control. If you neglect dental care for long enough, you might find you need to have a tooth pulled. Alternatively, you may require tooth extraction through no real fault of your own, as emergencies do happen.

Because no one ever plans on having their teeth removed, we’ll discuss just a few of the reasons you might end up needing a tooth extraction — and why it’s so important you see your dentist right away for these kinds of dental emergencies.

    1. Tooth overcrowding
      Having impacted, or overcrowded, teeth refers to a situation in which a patient’s teeth have grown too large or have shifted too far to fit comfortably within the mouth. These circumstances can make it impossible for other teeth to erupt and may even keep a patient from having a good quality of life. In these cases, tooth extractions may need to be performed to ensure the other teeth can be moved into place with braces.


    1. Tooth infection
      Untreated infections (like cavities) can eventually spread to the pulp of the tooth without treatment. Once the pulp is infected, that infection can spread to other teeth. Usually, a root canal is preferable to extraction, but if the infection is particularly severe, other measures will have to be taken. A dentist might also recommend extraction if there is a risk for infection, like with chemotherapy patients who have broken a tooth. Because their immune systems are weaker, it’s often better to pull the tooth than to risk an infection.


  1. Tooth damage
    Extensive damage and decay can render a tooth useless. For patients who have teeth with significant cracks, breaks, or other kinds of decay, it may not be possible to save the tooth. Usually, it’s safer to extract these teeth and come up with a solution (like dentures or bridges) that will allow the patient to have a better quality of life and improve their oral health.

We might refer to the practice of “pulling teeth” as an arduous one in conversation, but tooth extraction is a relatively common practice. Still, it’s one you’ll want to avoid if at all possible. That’s why regular dental care is so important. If you’ve been ignoring tooth pain, decay, or overcrowding, contact your dentist right away.