Bridges and Crowns

Bridges and crowns are great confidence builders, revealing a brighter smile, a younger appearance and a happier you.  In addition to these aesthetic benefits, applying these dental devices early can protect your teeth from dental issues in the future.

Bridges and Crowns

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Bridges and Crowns in Round Rock, TX

Dental bridges and crowns are two types of cosmetic treatment used to either fill spaces between teeth or improve damaged teeth. If you need either a crown or bridge in Round Rock, Texas, come to the dental office of Robert J. Mysse, D.D.S. You can enjoy the following benefits when you undergo either of the two procedures:

  • Easy to Maintain – It’s easier to take care of bridges or crowns as you will not have to remove them. Apart from brushing them twice a day, Dr. Mysse will offer you further advice on taking care of them.
  • Gives you Confidence – Having an oral crown or bridge will make you feel more confident and happier knowing that your teeth look wonderful.
  • Long-Lasting – With proper oral hygiene, crowns, and bridges will last for several years.

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Why You Might Need a Crown

Dentists will often recommend that patients get crowns to protect weak or decayed teeth, especially those with large fillings. The crown covers the filling so the world only sees your perfect smile. They also cover implants and misshapen or discolored teeth. They can be used to make small cosmetic modifications, such as covering a gap or space between your teeth.

Why You Might Need a Bridge

Dental bridges help maintain the face’s shape. This can restore confidence in your smile if teeth have become uneven or if facial muscles have weakened. Many patients in need of bridges have trouble chewing and speaking; a bridge can restore those abilities and bring back a healthy, naturally-looking smile.

Additionally, bridges prevent teeth from moving and will evenly distribute your bite force, protecting you from tooth pain. Crowns might be used to hold dental bridges, but you might need a bridge without a crown.

Available Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Mysse Family Dentistry prides itself on a wide selection of crowns and bridges. His office offers stainless steel, metal, infused with porcelain, and even zirconia, in addition to traditional, cantilever, and Maryland bonded bridges.

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