Teeth Cleaning

Just like the rest of your body, your teeth must be cleaned regularly to stay healthy. Teeth cleaning, known to dentists as prophylaxis, is perhaps the most common reason people visit the dentist. It’s an easy procedure that will ensure your smile stays healthy.

Dental Cleaning

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Even if you have sensitive teeth, Dr. Mysse and his staff will ensure your cleaning is as pain-free as possible. Routine cleanings are recommended for all patients to take care of dental issues regular brushing and flossing don’t address, such as tartar buildup.

Tooth Scaling

The first stage of cleaning is tooth scaling. During this process, the hygienist removes plaque and tartar using periodontal scalers and curettes. Brushing alone won’t remove this buildup. The hygienists at Dr. Mysee’s office look for signs of discomfort during this process, but if you experience any pain during the cleaning, let them know. Soreness in teeth or gums during cleaning may be a sign of other problems, and it’s best to catch those early.

Tooth Polishing

Tooth polishing is performed using a prophy cup – a small motorized tool with a rubber cup – and an abrasive compound. This process smooths the surface of your teeth and helps prevent future plaque buildup.


Debridement is similar to tooth scaling but uses ultrasonic instruments instead of hand tools to remove plaque and tartar. The ultrasonic instruments fracture the buildup, making removal quick and easy.

Dental Cleaning in Round Rock TX

When you undergo regular teeth cleaning in Round Rock, TX at the dental clinic of Robert J. Mysse, D.D.S., you’ll keep your teeth healthy and help prevent oral problems.  Moreover, professional dental cleaning also:

  • Preserves Your Beautiful Smile – Certain food and drinks stain the teeth. Oral cleaning knocks these stains out to help you maintain a bright smile.
  • Improves Long-term Health – Studies reveal that a link exists between dental health and overall health. By undergoing dental cleaning, you can reduce your risk of some diseases like stroke and other cardiovascular problems.
  • Keeps Breath Fresh – Sometimes, daily brushing and flossing aren’t enough to get rid of bad breath. If this is the case, you’ll need professional dental cleaning. It treats stubborn bad breath, so you get fresh breath.

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Be proactive when it comes to your health by scheduling regular dental appointments. In addition to keeping your smile bright and health, Dr. Mysse can look for signs of diabetes or heart issues. Schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with Dr. Mysse today to ensure continued optimum dental health.

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